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Halo Reach Nightfall Revamp

I made this in memory of my most favorite video game, Halo Reach. It's the game that actually made me see video games as an art rather than just "games" and was the biggest reason to get into CG, VFX, and Game Development.
That's why I've been praying for a revamp of such an amazing game. It needs to be brought back. Everything from the campaign, Forge, and Matchmaking was amazing and even though 343 Industries (in my honest-to-God opinion) ruined ALL the love I had for new Halo games, this still has to be remade.

- Anyways, the shot I was going for was more from the game level "Nightfall" on Halo Reach. The early mornings / late night atmosphere - perfect mood for a sniper. Since I'm still not the best with the compositor, I thought I did a really good job with composition.

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Made by Joseph Forthun using VFX in Blender

Made by Joseph Forthun using VFX in Blender